Welcome to Grab’n Run documentation!

Grab’n Run (aka GNR) is a simple and effective Java Library that you can add to your Android projects to secure dynamic class loading operations.

For a quick start on how to include the library and how to use it in your projects give a look at Quick start and tutorial.

For a brief explanation on the issue of insecure dynamic class loading and on Grab’n Run purpose check the Why should I use Grab’n Run? section.

A concise example of use of the library is provided into an Android toy-application here. A full explanation of key extracts of this code is given into the Discussion of an example project section.

For a description on Grab’n Run API in JavaDoc style please refer to the API documentation.

For those willing for more technicalities and advanced features implemented in Grab’n Run, the section on Complementary topics is a must-read. This part of the documentation can also be used for reference as it presents how to handle properly some tricky situations that may occur while using GNR.

For an introduction on how to use the POC script for rewriting your application automatically to use the secure Grab’n Run API instead of the regualr ones for dynamic code loading, check out the Repackaging tool section.

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